FAQ’s For Your Wedding Florist. Answered.

I’m happy to address any questions & concerns you may have.

Q:  How do I book you as my wedding florist?

A:  Once you fill out my Wedding Query Form I’ll be in touch asap.  From there we will schedule a phone consultation to get the ball rolling.  Our first conversation is a mutual interview to see how our styles and personalities match up. If it feels like we’ll be a good match I will create a preliminary proposal for you which includes an estimated total cost for your wedding flowers. After you review the proposal a signed contract and nonrefundable deposit will reserve your date.

Q:  How far in advance should I book?

A:  I only book about 15 weddings per season so my calendar can book up quickly.  Couples planning a wedding in Vermont from May-October should secure a florist as soon as a location and wedding date have been decided upon.  I usually start booking events about 9 months to 1 year before the wedding date.

Q:  What happens after I book you?

A:  We move at your pace once we are under contract meaning we can finalize a plan as soon as you’re ready or wait until as late as 4 weeks before your date.  There is no rush to decide “exactly” what you want/need, but usually we have a pretty good plan figured out a few month before your wedding. We can arrange an in-person meeting if you would like to sit down and look through flower photos with me to refine your style.  We do not meet more than once unless you are having a large wedding with a lot of details to manage.

Q:  I have a budget of {fill in the blank}.  Will that be enough to do what I want?

A:  This obviously depends on your total floral budget as well as all the details you have in mind, but I will offer you a clear and honest assessment of what a realistic budget for your flowers will be.

Q:  We are planning from out of state.  Can I book with you without meeting in person?

A:  Absolutely.  A majority of my clients book with me after our initial phone consultation and preliminary proposal.  We can schedule an in-person meeting at my home-studio in Jericho when you are in the area and I try my best to be accommodating to your schedule.

Q:  I know what my style is, but don’t know any specific flowers that I like. Now what?

A:  You don’t need to know anything about flowers to have beautiful flowers for your wedding.  I will ask pointed questions to help me determine the best flowers for your style.

Q:  Can you help me with other design elements/details of the day?

A:  Flowers are my main priority, but I am more than happy to offer suggestions and guidance in any way that I can to help the overall flow of your day go smoothly. You may add Event Styling & Visual Coordination to ensure a cohesive & professional design throughout your day. Linens, stationery, wedding attire…you name it and I’ve probably got an opinion, a suggestion, or a referral for you.

Q:  How many weddings do you book in a weekend?

A:  I prefer to book only 1 wedding per weekend, however, there are occasions when I will design more than one event.

Q:  Will you travel for an on-site consultation?

A:  Absolutely.  There is a charge which includes travel time.  The average rate is $250.

Q:  Are local/seasonal flowers available?

A:  Local flowers are most readily available in Vermont from mid-June through August.  If you have a particular color palette or favorite flowers in mind it may be more (or less) difficult to source specific blooms for you.  I personally think that July is the best month to find local, in-season varieties.

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It’s important that you work with vendors that make you feel comfortable and that suit both your style and budget.  I don’t believe you should be left wondering what the final bill will be or if your florist “gets you”. Planning the flowers should be one of the fun parts of the wedding process and it’s my pleasure to assist you along the way. If you have a “Q” that I didn’t “A” please shoot me an e-mail and I will get back to you with an answer asap!

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