6 Tips For A Happy Wedding Party

Unlike the days when puffy sleeves and pastels were all the rage, it is totally fashionable to have a fabulous wedding party!

Six Tips for a Happy Wedding Party
  1. Consider having your bridemaids wear different colors or styles of dresses (just in case everyone doesn’t feel she can pull off the color and strapless cut you may have in mind).  Mismatching can be done beautifully.
  2. Coordinate the girls’ look with matching shoes & handbags.  This is a great way to bring the bridesmaids’ looks together if they are not all wearing the same dress.
  3. Use bold, beaded jewelry to finish the look no matter what your style.  Necklaces, bracelets and earrings all work to complete a look.
  4. Perfectly match pashminas to your palette to add another pop of color to the wardrobe.  By the way, any of the aforementioned items would be thoughtful gift ideas from you to your maids!
  5. Picture your groomsmen in matching suits (instead of tuxedos–particularly for mid-day ceremonies!) with coordinating shirts & ties in your chosen palette.
  6. Bridesmaids & groomsmen prefer to be seated with their dates instead of being separated by head table status.  Everyone will love you for this one!

vermont wedding flowers

Flowers are a perfect way to add color to your wedding party.  These brightly colored bouquets include roses, freesia, hydrangea, and dianthus.


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