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Looks Can Be Deceiving: Simple Isn’t Cheap

Simple can be beautiful. One very simple look that’s featured a lot lately is the sap bucket (or galvanized pail) filled with baby’s breath. You’ll find them lining aisles for outdoor weddings on every wedding blog (mine included). It’s represented (or inferred) that they’re a “cost effective way” to decorate a ceremony space which is

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Dead Flowers For Your Wedding?

As a floral designer I am freshness obsessed. For this reason I find myself torn between understanding the practicality of scheduling “first look” photos prior to your ceremony and the risk of wilted blooms as you walk down the aisle. On my Love it/Hate it list I’d file it under both columns! So this post

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Candy Bar At Your Wedding…And Why You Should Skip It

The candy bar buffet has been a trend in weddings for years now and I personally think it’s time for retirement.  As a lifelong sugar addict I don’t usually talk people out of candy, but as a wedding professional who often sees couples working to stay on budget I find that this element of the

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Tall Centerpieces…And Why I Hate Them

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Love it/Hate it post, but a recent consultation with a bride who expressed her horrible experience with tall centerpieces at a friend’s wedding has ignited my flame. People often choose tall centerpieces to make a large ballroom feel more “full” or to give a feeling of opulence,

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Love it/Hate it: Your Wedding Website

One trend that has developed over the past several years is the customized wedding website.  It seems that just about every couple has a wedding website of some sort.  From free website templates to upgraded personalized sites there is no detail left untold (for better or for worse!) on some wedding websites.   First, the love.  I

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Love it/Hate it: Winter in Vermont

We had a rainy weekend.  It was the kind of rain that melts the snow, allows you to put on a slightly lighter coat and might just trick you into thinking that winter is on its way out and spring is walking in through the out door.  But then, just like always, along comes a

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Tanning for your wedding day–Hate it!

Many people feel they look their best with a little sun kissed color, but when I hear someone say that they are going tanning I must admit I cringe.  Maybe it’s easy for me to say because I’ve never gone to a tanning booth (yes, I am from NJ and have never been to a tanning salon!)

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Love it/Hate it: receptions

Since I was on the topic of love & hate yesterday I thought I’d keep it up!  There are so many ways to make your reception special and really do it right.  Here are a few ideas… Love List Wine, champagne or signature cocktails served on passed trays immediately following the ceremony to help avoid a long line at

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Love it/Hate it: favors

I know some people really object to the word hate and I suppose I could call this a “do” and “don’t” list, but sometimes there is no in-between and you have to just love or hate something. I’ve seen a lot of favors in our wedding travels…from the mundane to the most heartfelt and I think it

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