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You’re engaged! It’s exciting. (And a lot of work.)

You’re getting married! Congratulations. Now, it’s time to get to work! Newly engaged couples experience a unique combination of pressure + excitement + overwhelm when the logistics of planning a once-in-a-lifetime event start to sink in. Couples are confronted with “suggestions” from friends and loved ones on a daily basis. The same people who wish you

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Ringing in the New Year And My 15th Season In Business

Happy New Year! As I embark on my 15th wedding season in Vermont with my first wedding of the year this weekend it feels like 2016 is off to a busy start already. The end of 2015 was both busy and delightful with promises of a new year & new possibilities around the corner. I really

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How To Negotiate With Your Wedding Florist

There’s no shortage of advice out there for newly engaged couples and one tip I read often is that you should negotiate with your wedding vendors. Here’s my insider advice on negotiating with your floral designer.

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An expert’s guide to your Vermont wedding

I specialize in Vermont weddings. I planned a Vermont wedding in 2003…before Google, Pinterest and Instagram. (It wasn’t exactly the “dark ages”, but we did have to cut pictures out of magazines to put together an inspiration board in those days!) Nowadays (ya know, with Google and electricity!), there’s no shortage of wedding inspiration and

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Feel Smarter & Stress Less: How to Fix Your Wedding Timeline

Trend alert! Couples are booking their vendors later…and later…and it’s going to be a problem. There’s a misconception found in the “timelines” that national mags and blogs recommend. 6 months before your wedding is not “ample time” to book a florist, photographer or caterer. There’s a lot to keep track of when planning a destination

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Flowers for wedding at Grand Isle Lake House

How To Add Color To Your Wedding Day

Flowers create the ambiance for your wedding and the colors you choose can do more than simply reflect the season. Color can enhance a reception space and infuse some of your own personal style into the day. (Photographers love to work with color, too!) Today I’m talking about reasons that you should not be afraid of

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Best of the best: How I make your wedding vision a reality

If you’re planning a wedding in 2015 there is a good chance you have a Pinterest board to keep track of all of your ideas and strokes of inspiration. If you have a Pinterest board you may fall into one of two categories: either you have a collection of images that are all very similar

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Choosing a bouquet

Do you deserve to wear white on your wedding day?

Will you wear white on your wedding day? Or will it be ivory? Or champagne? No matter what you wear you’ll have an important decision to make; should you carry white flowers or colored blooms? For some this is an obvious decision, but for others the choice to carry a white or colorful bouquet is

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How To Handle Stage Fright On Your Wedding Day

Walking down the aisle surrounded by your friends and family is such a happy occasion, but thinking about it can cause anxiety. I didn’t take much time to imagine about how I’d feel walking down the aisle.  I think I accepted early on that it was going to happen. But I can clearly recall feeling

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Dead Flowers For Your Wedding?

As a floral designer I am freshness obsessed. For this reason I find myself torn between understanding the practicality of scheduling “first look” photos prior to your ceremony and the risk of wilted blooms as you walk down the aisle. On my Love it/Hate it list I’d file it under both columns! So this post

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