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Bouquet for June wedding

June Wedding at Whiteface Club

June is usually when I officially kick off my wedding season in Vermont, but for my first wedding this June I took a little trip across the lake to Whiteface Club in Lake Placid, NY, for a beautiful wedding in a soft, romantic palette of whites, greens, pale pinks, buttery yellows, and a few touches

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Floral jewelry

I learned about floral couture when I attended my first Chapel Designer Workshop where Francoise Weeks was teaching. She was so patient and strategic about her work. It was truly inspiring. A few years ago when I decided to make a concerted effort to “perfect” my corsage and boutonniere work, I drew upon what I

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Floral Artistry, Alison Ellis, Vermont Wedding Flowers, UVM Alumni House

Photoshoot at UVM Alumni House

One stand out moment from my 15th year in business was working for my alma mater, The University of Vermont, this season. I designed the arrangements for a very special dinner at The Fleming Museum as well as some accent pieces for the newly renovated Alumni House which was officially unveiled in time for Alumni Weekend.

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Best of the best: How I make your wedding vision a reality

If you’re planning a wedding in 2015 there is a good chance you have a Pinterest board to keep track of all of your ideas and strokes of inspiration. If you have a Pinterest board you may fall into one of two categories: either you have a collection of images that are all very similar

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Looks Can Be Deceiving: Simple Isn’t Cheap

Simple can be beautiful. One very simple look that’s featured a lot lately is the sap bucket (or galvanized pail) filled with baby’s breath. You’ll find them lining aisles for outdoor weddings on every wedding blog (mine included). It’s represented (or inferred) that they’re a “cost effective way” to decorate a ceremony space which is

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Wedding at Grand Isle Lake House, VT

Your Totally Unoriginal Copy Cat Wedding

Your wedding will never be original.  It’s all been done before.  You’ve got to reinvent the wheel if you want to stand out.  Sounds like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? I often hear clients say, “I love hydrangea, but my best friend had them at her wedding so I don’t want to use them.”

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Vermont Wedding Flowers-Orchard Cove Photography

3 Ways Money Can Buy Love

Every Beatles fan and their mother (’cause let’s face it our moms were Beatles fans waaay before we were!) knows that money can’t buy you love, however it can definitely help you celebrate your love and leave your loved-ones head-over-heels for you, their thoughtful host. The key to a fantastic wedding is to treat your

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Anything For Your Wedding Before Hiring A Designer

Once you set a date for your wedding it may be tempting to start shopping for wedding decor, but it can be a huge mistake. Talk to your florist, event stylist or wedding planner before buying any sort of wedding props.  They probably know more about what works in your chosen venue and what you

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How To Make A Centerpiece More Expensive

Want to know how to make your centerpieces more expensive?  Add candles.  Candlelight is so hot this year {pun intended!} and I’ve had more requests for “lots of candles” than ever before.  The reality is that candles aren’t cheap.  And if they are inexpensive it’s probably for good reason (like they won’t burn for very

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Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing tool for putting together inspiration boards for your wedding decor.  If you’re planning a wedding and aren’t on Pinterest yet you should request an invite today. See a bouquet you like on a wedding website?….just “pin it”, create a “bouquet board” and voila, you now have an organized inspiration board.  Not

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