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Wedding Consultation Tips For A New Year

Holidays are great for reminding us that you shouldn’t bring too many cooks into the kitchen and when planning your wedding it’s best if you don’t bring too many people with differing opinions to your consultations. It’s understandable that some people prefer the input of friends & family when meeting with vendors, however, it’s important

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FAQ’s For Your Wedding Florist. Answered.

I’m happy to address any questions & concerns you may have. Q:  How do I book you as my wedding florist? A:  Once you fill out my Wedding Query Form I’ll be in touch asap.  From there we will schedule a phone consultation to get the ball rolling.  Our first conversation is a mutual interview

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When should you book your wedding florist?

I love a good wedding magazine and they always come with a wedding check-list.  The thing I always check out is at what point they recommend a couple should contract their florist.  Most planning calendars suggest you book your florist 6-7 months before your wedding and I’ve seen sources that suggest 4 months is ample time to contract a designer–I’m going to have

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Your relationship with your wedding vendors

The relationships you build with your vendors can be incredibly important.  These are the people who will help guide you through your pre-wedding stress and woes; help you avoid simple mistakes; mediate family “issues” (aka opinions!); help you stay on budget; refer other wedding professionals; be your advocate and hold your hand (via e-mail or phone,

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Wedding Consultation Tips

There is a lot of stuff to figure out when planning a wedding–the location, the guest list, the officiant, the wardrobe, the invitations, the food, the flowers, the entertainment, the budget…and it all takes some work. The most difficult part of the planning process can sometimes be the vendor consultations.  Some couples view it as a chance to

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