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Bouquet for June wedding

June Wedding at Whiteface Club

June is usually when I officially kick off my wedding season in Vermont, but for my first wedding this June I took a little trip across the lake to Whiteface Club in Lake Placid, NY, for a beautiful wedding in a soft, romantic palette of whites, greens, pale pinks, buttery yellows, and a few touches

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Vermont Wedding Flowers, Sophisticated palette

Sophisticated Elegance: Vermont Wedding Flowers

I LOVE this wedding. When the bride presented this color palette to me almost a year ago, I was tickled. I could not wait to design the flowers for Trista and Mike’s destination wedding at The Mountaintop Inn. This couple is simply too cool. Their flowers reflect a sophisticated elegance that’s both romantic, yet non-traditional.

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purple and yellow bouquet, flowers by Floral Artistry, Alison Ellis

Colorful Bouquet for a Farm-Style Wedding

I do some big weddings. I also do small weddings. And sometimes, if I can make it work, I do really small weddings. Because of the size of my business sometimes doing smaller weddings can be harder to accommodate, but I’ve come to find that sometimes these smaller gigs can bring me great joy. This

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Choosing a bouquet

Do you deserve to wear white on your wedding day?

Will you wear white on your wedding day? Or will it be ivory? Or champagne? No matter what you wear you’ll have an important decision to make; should you carry white flowers or colored blooms? For some this is an obvious decision, but for others the choice to carry a white or colorful bouquet is

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Dead Flowers For Your Wedding?

As a floral designer I am freshness obsessed. For this reason I find myself torn between understanding the practicality of scheduling “first look” photos prior to your ceremony and the risk of wilted blooms as you walk down the aisle. On my Love it/Hate it list I’d file it under both columns! So this post

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Floral Artistry Wedding Flowers

Last Minute Floral Details Check List

When your wedding day is fast approaching there are logistical details that can easily fall through the cracks. Here are a few things to button up with your florist a few weeks before your big day… Timing. What time will your photographer arrive to take photos?  You’ll want to make sure your florist is aware

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What’s A Toss Bouquet?

A toss bouquet is a small bouquet (oftentimes a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet) that is considered a “throw away bouquet”.  We’ve all seen a bride throw a bouquet over her shoulder at the end of the night to all the single ladies as a symbol of “luck” that whoever catches the bouquet will

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5 Wedding Bouquet Handling Tips

Here are 5 simple tips for handling fresh wedding bouquets: Leave bouquets in water (in the florist’s box) when you are not using them for photographs prior to the ceremony.  Most flowers will last reliably for about 2 hours out of water before they start to wilt. An attendant should blot the stems with a towel before handing

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Pre-Wedding Day Pep Talk

For all my beautiful couples who are having some pre-wedding day stress here’s a pep talk for ya. &nbsp

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What Marriage Means to Me

In a week where I’ve read the words fairytale wedding and princess more times than I can possibly count I started thinking about what being married really means. The other night I was dishing leftovers into a tupperware while my husband watched a basketball game and as I glanced over and noticed his eyelids were closed with the remote firmly in hand I

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