Something blue

I am not sure if watching Paris Blues with Paul Newman over the weekend (whose eyes are so blue I swear they even look blue in black & white!) has anything to do with it, but I am in a blue mood so far this week.  Brides can get creative when incorporating something blue into your wedding garb.  Yesterday’s post featured blue wedding flowers, but there are other ways to fit blue into your wedding attire.  Here are a few ideas to get your started…

Broach–Pin a blue broach to your dress, bridal bouquet or shoes.  (I just love the idea of shoe jewelry!  There is something so vintage about it.)

Earrings–Select a pair of blue earrings to add a small sparkle of color.  Sapphires, turquoise or crystals all work!

Hairpiece–Incorporate a blue hair-pin or feather to your headpiece.

Hankie–Carry a baby blue handkerchief or have one embroidered with blue thread.

Sash–If you want to be more deliberate add a blue sash to your dress or tie your bouquet with blue ribbon.

Shoes–Find a pair of blue shoes to peak out from underneath your dress.  Yes, Carrie did it in Sex and the City and so can you!

Of course, you can always add a hint of blue to your bridal bouquet or include blue flowers in your floral palette!  Below you’ll see pale blue nigella tucked into an otherwise all white wedding bouquet and a bridesmaid’s bouquet with accents of blue hydrangea and delphinium.

blue and white wedding flowers


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