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Homemade Valentine

A valentine is defined as “an artistic work, message or token expressing affection for something or someone.”

I know Valentine’s Day can be divisive (and a lot of pressure!)….so in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day I’m sharing a homemade valentine to one of my favorite flowers, ranunculus.

In 1923 my grandfather collected and pressed the ranunculus below.

I have a book full of these well preserved and lovingly placed pieces of botanical history thanks to my grandfather.

Perhaps this valentine to ranunculus is a valentine to him….and perhaps this Herbarium and Plant Record from 94 years ago is his valentine to me…..either way, I share it with you today with a grateful heart.

I hope you’ll make something with your hands and give¬†away some love today.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

xo. -A

Here are a few designs that feature ranunculus.

plum and white palette, bridal bouquet by Alison Ellis

Vermont Wedding Flowers by Alison Ellis

purple and yellow bouquet, flowers by Floral Artistry, Alison Ellis

Floral Artistry, Vermont wedding, Alison Ellis



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