Alison’s favorite things (vol. 8)

Okay, so maybe it isn’t right to put a human being on my list of favorite “things”, but Linda at Rapunzel Salon has got to be one of my absolute favorites.  When I moved to Vermont from New Jersey to go to UVM in 1996 I was sure that I was doomed when it came to maintaining my short, styley do.  I did have a few great hairdressers in Burlington before I found Rapunzel, but I have had such a long relationship with Linda they seem like ages ago.  After my first  appointment I was hooked.  Not only does she do a great cut, but she does amazing color.  (I mean, I am naturally blonde and everything, but I’ve heard she does great highlights!)  It’s a special relationship a gal shares with her hairdresser and Linda is pretty fantastic.  If you are looking for someone to help freshen up your look you should give Michelle & Linda a shout at 802-658-7883 to get pretty.  They’re located in Burlingtonon Center Street right next to the Daily Planet…well, actually they are left next to the Daily Planet and up the stairs as a true Rapunzel should be.

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