Alison’s favorite things (vol. 7)

Flashbags are one of my weaknesses and since they are having a 20% Off SALE until Sunday, 2/28 and re-introducing one of my favorite artists it’s as good a time as any to give them a shout out as one of my favorite things.  If you’re not familiar with Flashbags they basically take recycled newspaper and transform it into fun art that you can carry around and put your wallet & cell phone in.  I wish I had a different Flashbag for every day of the week, but so far I only have three!  My first bag, a large tote, features a design by Local Wisdom, which I use as my “briefcase”.  It’s a picture of a woman with flowers for hair and the quote, “every woman has a season to be in bloom,” so it seems appropriate enough to me!  Kathleen of Local Wisdom consistently creates charming & unique images with her collages and quotations that I find pretty irresistible.  (Aside from the beautiful bags I buy her cards all the time.  Greeting cards are another weakness of mine!)  Check out a selection of Local Wisdom  Flashbags here and get yourself something pretty.  Ali and Laura will take good care of your order!  You can also create a custom Flashbag with your own artwork or photography or surprise someone with their very own piece of wearable art!   (P.S.  To see a selection of cards by Local Wisdom on etsy click here.)  


  • Kathleen Porter

    March 2, 2010 at 10:41am ·

    I love Woody Jackson’s cows! At my former job (pre-photo life) I had a huge painting of his cows right by my desk. Always made my day! I also love Flashbags 🙂

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