Alison’s favorite things (vol. 22)

OK, so I haven’t done any official research on this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a scientific fact that 100% of wedding bloggers love Paloma’s Nest.  I have to put their adorable ring bearer bowls on my list of favorite things.  I love the look, the size and shape, and the fact that you can use it to hold your jewelry after the wedding so it continues to have a purpose and is a daily reminder of your wedding vows.

Since the holiday season is upon us I thought I’d point out some ornaments to you, too.  My grandmother always used to paint my name and the year onto Christmas ornaments, which I still have, of course, so I think personalized ornaments are a really thoughtful gift.  I love the selection of custom ornaments from Paloma’s Nest and think they make a great gift to mark a first Christmas as a married couple, a baby’s first Christmas or to commemorate the year you were married.  I’d display them all year round.


Paloma’s Nest Ring Bearer Bowl

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