Alison’s favorite things (vol. 18)

I consider myself a macaroon connoisseur.  I am head over heels for just about anything coconut, but add a little chocolate to it and you’ve got me for sure.  There is a fine balance in the macaroon world of taste, texture and overall goodness.  I don’t want one that’s too sweet.  I also don’t want one that is dry or too crunchy or has an artificial coconut taste.  I have tasted my way through many of the bakeries in the Burlington area and the best macaroons I’ve found are from  Krin’s Bakery.

These Coconut and Honey Macaroons dipped in Dark Chocolate (yep, they even sound delicious!) are divine.  In my opinion they are the perfect blend of sweetness & coconut with just the right amount of chocolate and soft chewy deliciousness.  (Is anyone else surprised that the word deliciousness just got past my spell check?)

You can find Krin’s Bakery delights at several fabulous stores in the greater Burlington area.  You can find a list of locations on her website.  Check them out.  Try these macaroons and be ready to eat the whole bag!

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