Alison’s favorite things (vol. 16)

When I was in college a friend said to me, “You say faaavorite a lot.”  After he said it I had to agree!  “I guess I do”, I said.  “It’s cool”, he said, “I just don’t have that many favorites.”

This particular habit is amplified when we are talking about flowers because I truly have a lot of favorites in the flower world.  Dahlias are my favorite…so are ranunculus and poppies…and peonies, of course, and anemones…oh yeah, and lisianthus.  And tulips.  (I’ll stop there because this could go on for a while.)  Oh wait, I love orchids, too. 

I have taught a few beginner flower design classes at Burlington City Arts over the past few years and I always make a disclaimer in the first class that they will probably hear me say the word favorite a lot.  Then, they usually laugh at me each time I say it over the course of the next few weeks!  I suppose a fairly regular blog post series entitled Alison’s favorite things kinda comes naturally to me! 

Today I want to share some dahlia pictures from my garden this year.  An annual bloom that is a perennial faaaavorite of mine!  What’s your favorite flower?

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