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The Truth About Expensive Wedding Flowers

I’ve been in the flower game for 21 years. I can talk shop with any old-school florist and we speak the same language. We remember rose varieties that you never see anymore. We marvel at how much the art of floristry has developed. Sometimes we share our design techniques. One thing that’s remained the same is

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Flowers for wedding at Grand Isle Lake House

How To Add Color To Your Wedding Day

Flowers create the ambiance for your wedding and the colors you choose can do more than simply reflect the season. Color can enhance a reception space and infuse some of your own personal style into the day. (Photographers love to work with color, too!) Today I’m talking about reasons that you should not be afraid of

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Defining Valentine’s Day And My Valentine to You

Valentine’s day. Have I lost you already? I know it can be polarizing. As someone who’s in the love business and also in the flower business I’ve had a long history with Valentine’s day. (In short, we’ve had our ups and downs.) So consider this definition for “Valentine.” def. An artistic work, message or token

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