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Why You Think You Hate Roses, But They’re Actually Perfect For Your Wedding

First, Why you think you hate roses… Grocery stores have ruined the rose’s image. The rose has a major PR problem thanks to how poorly they’ve been represented (or misrepresented!) by folks who have no business in the flower business! The roses you’re seeing are NOT the types of roses I’m talking about.  $20/dozen roses

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This one’s for the Floral Designers, Flower Lovers and Flirty Fleurs Readers

When you love what you do it shows. People say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, but any hard working designer can tell you that is wholly untrue. If you’re a florist your work can be a real challenge. You can fall in love with hard work.

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Looks Can Be Deceiving: Simple Isn’t Cheap

Simple can be beautiful. One very simple look that’s featured a lot lately is the sap bucket (or galvanized pail) filled with baby’s breath. You’ll find them lining aisles for outdoor weddings on every wedding blog (mine included). It’s represented (or inferred) that they’re a “cost effective way” to decorate a ceremony space which is

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Suits & Bouts: One for the guys

As a designer in the wedding industry I live in a world where the words “swoon” and “bride” are used every day. I usually avoid swooning, but I cannot escape the reality that my words are very much directed to the bride. This comes to light when talking to an engaged couple with a groom

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