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Wedding Trends vs. Traditions (And Trends That Are Traditions, Oh, and Vice Versa!)

In the wonderful world of weddings we see trends and traditions that ebb and flow as they cycle in and out of style over the years. Some traditions are timeless like lush white bouquets and champagne toasts and others come and go such as large head tables (which are totally IN right now!), floral crowns

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Shelburne Farms Wedding Flowers

You Can Always Get What You Want

Planning your wedding is all about choices.  You have to choose.  Your florist, your photographer, your menu, your color palette, your dress, shoes, bridesmaids, guest list….just for starters. So many choices may make you feel like you have no clue what you want.  I would say that all these choices can create opportunities for you

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Wedding Planning Mantra Of The Day

You would be hard pressed to find a bigger Pinterest fan than me.  I am forced to visit the site constantly for work purposes and I get pulled into the thick of the endless inspiration and recipes that all sound soooo good.  It’s a drag.  A delicious, wonderful drag. That being said I think there

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