Monthly Archives: March 2012

Wedding Planning Mantra Of The Day

Sometimes when we are planning a wedding it is important to check-in with what’s truly important.  It’s not just about the details.  It’s essential to keep your focus on the big picture and most importantly to focus on each other. Here’s a mantra for the day…  

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Truth In Wedding Planning

Honesty.  It’s something that I value greatly and I consider it part of my job to be honest with my couples throughout the planning process. Planning a wedding allows for a lot of day dreaming (or at-work-internet-searching!) and the real life logistics of that dreaming sometimes needs to be brought into focus.  Whether it’s a

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Tips For A Fabulous Wedding Party

Unlike the days when puffy sleeves and pastels were all the rage, it is totally fashionable to have a fabulous wedding party! I first posted these tips in December 2009 and in my opinion they still hold true in 2012.  Here are Six Tips for a happy and beautiful wedding party: 1.  Consider having your girls wear different colors or styles of

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Hooked On A Feeling: The Ambiance At Your Wedding

When I first start talking with a couple about their wedding one of the details I want to know is “how do you want your wedding to feel?”  Even if you don’t have a “theme” per se, you most likely have an idea of whether you’d like the atmosphere to be elegant & classic or

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