Monthly Archives: February 2012

Wedding Planning Crunch Time

As you flip the calendar to March tomorrow morning you may begin to feel the pressure of wedding planning crunch-time.  Whether you are getting married in June or October you’re starting the home stretch of your planning process and whether you have every little detail decided upon or you’re still unsure what half of your

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Wedding Planning Mantra Of The Day

Sometimes when we are planning a wedding it is important to check-in with what’s truly important.  It’s not just about the details.  It’s essential to keep your focus on the big picture and most importantly to focus on each other. Here’s a mantra for the day…  

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Candy Bar At Your Wedding…And Why You Should Skip It

The candy bar buffet has been a trend in weddings for years now and I personally think it’s time for retirement.  As a lifelong sugar addict I don’t usually talk people out of candy, but as a wedding professional who often sees couples working to stay on budget I find that this element of the

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Tall Centerpieces…And Why I Hate Them

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Love it/Hate it post, but a recent consultation with a bride who expressed her horrible experience with tall centerpieces at a friend’s wedding has ignited my flame. People often choose tall centerpieces to make a large ballroom feel more “full” or to give a feeling of opulence,

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