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Winter Wedding Flower Tips

Winter weddings can be cozy and romantic…especially in Vermont!…but flowers and winter weather don’t go well together. It’s straight forward enough that freezing temperatures will kill flowers.  Temperatures below 35 degrees are sure to end the life of your fresh blooms nearly instantaneously.  If you’re planning a winter wedding don’t bring flowers out in the cold.  (Easy

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An Inside Look At Wedding Planning

When I was planning our wedding in 2003 there was no Google to speak of; I was impressed that my caterer had a nice website and I found my photographer through the bridal insert in the Burlington Free Press.  Endless wedding inspiration simply did not exist outside of the pages of a magazine and Style Me

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How To Keep Your Flower Budget In Check

Everyone knows that the costs of planning your wedding add up quickly.  If flowers are a priority for your wedding, but you still want to keep things “in check” here are a few tips to help keep you on track: 1.  The biggest portion of your flower budget is usually dedicated to centerpieces.  If you

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Plan A Wedding That’s Uniquely Yours

I conducted a seminar last year at The Vermont Wedding Affair and a couple approached me afterwards who needed some advice on how to “claim” their wedding as their own.  The bride and groom wanted a Vermonty farm wedding and her parents did not think that was what a wedding should look like.  I could

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Vermont Wedding Flowers-Orchard Cove Photography

Wedding Consultation Tips For A New Year

Holidays are great for reminding us that you shouldn’t bring too many cooks into the kitchen and when planning your wedding it’s best if you don’t bring too many people with differing opinions to your consultations. It’s understandable that some people prefer the input of friends & family when meeting with vendors, however, it’s important

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