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Homemade Valentine

A valentine is defined as “an artistic work, message or token expressing affection for something or someone.” I know Valentine’s Day can be divisive (and a lot of pressure!)….so in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day I’m sharing a homemade valentine to one of my favorite flowers, ranunculus. In 1923 my grandfather collected and pressed

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Floral Artistry, Alison Ellis, Vermont Wedding Flowers, UVM Alumni House

Photoshoot at UVM Alumni House

One stand out moment from my 15th year in business was working for my alma mater, The University of Vermont, this season. I designed the arrangements for a very special dinner at The Fleming Museum as well as some accent pieces for the newly renovated Alumni House which was officially unveiled in time for Alumni Weekend.

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Fall Wedding Flowers

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus Fall weddings really do feel like a breath of fresh air when a busy summer season turns to autumn. I absolutely adore this photo my bride, Gabriella, shared with me from her wedding on Saturday at Whiteface Country Club. Two of Us

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My Amazing Week in NYC: Chapel Designers NYC 2016 Conference

I’m so excited to share today’s post with you. I recently returned from what was easily the most inspiring week of my life. In fact, it was so good that it’s hard to put into words. The creativity, generosity, friendship, camaraderie, mutual admiration, jaw dropping awe and sheer beauty I took part in was once-in-a-lifetime

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Floral Artistry

A Florist In The Making

One of the perks of being a florist is leftovers! The cream of the crop are always used for a wedding, of course, but from time to time the leftover blooms can be quite lovely. I posted some photos from my first wedding of 2016 and when my not-quite-4-year old son saw some leftovers he asked

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photo of peonies grown in Vermont

Peony Season In VT

Peonies. June in Vermont means peonies. It feels like I wait all winter long just for these babies to pop. It’s a special time in my garden and if you want peonies for your wedding you’d be wise to plan to marry in mid-June to ensure availability. So today I’ve got pictures of peonies for

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When Spring Comes To Vermont

When Vermonters are ready for spring we are believers. We believe in warmer weather. We have to believe because a 65 degree day in March or April can easily be followed by a foot of snow…just to keep us humble. When spring finally comes to Vermont, you know it. How? Easy. People wear shorts &

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photo by Ashley Largesse

My Week With Weeks: Françoise Weeks in VT

I do flowers. I don’t know what you do for work (or pleasure), but I do flowers (for both work & pleasure). I’ve enjoyed this work for so long it’s hard to remember a time before I had my hands dirty. Most professions have education & advanced training, but in the flower world these opportunities

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Defining Valentine’s Day And My Valentine to You

Valentine’s day. Have I lost you already? I know it can be polarizing. As someone who’s in the love business and also in the flower business I’ve had a long history with Valentine’s day. (In short, we’ve had our ups and downs.) So consider this definition for “Valentine.” def. An artistic work, message or token

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This one’s for the Floral Designers, Flower Lovers and Flirty Fleurs Readers

When you love what you do it shows. People say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, but any hard working designer can tell you that is wholly untrue. If you’re a florist your work can be a real challenge. You can fall in love with hard work.

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